Advertising scams or as they call them… SCADS

Let’s face it, we’ve all been fooled by fake ads before back in the day.

I know I have. I mean, why couldn’t I be the 999 999 999th visitor?
And why wouldn’t they randomly offer me a cruise in the Bahamas? What do you mean details apply?

Well, the following ads have SCAD written all over them. But they seem to have fooled more than one optimist.

Take this for instance:

Wild waves water park? More like inflatable pool of boredom.

You want more kids pool scams? Oh what we have in store for you…

Did anyone say photoshop?

This cream turns an 85 year old grandma in a 22 year old Jessica Simpson version of herself in MINUTES…

Where the **** is my credit card when I need it. 

“All you need to do to benefit from this wonderful legit deal is provide us with a check for 10 K, your bank account number, your home alarm codes and your first born child”.

Whatabout, with punctuation: skills? Could … I make; money then?

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