Woh! Double Rainbow!!!!

People are always being accused of being “too serious”, “not fun enough” and “losing their inner child.” Countless valley girl status updates with the likes of “Look at life through the eyes of a child, it’s priceless..” (lame) to “Never cease to be amazed by the amazing!”  (super lame, by definition it doesn’t make any sense) are not too far from the truth.

Although here at “Ohitrunsbackwards” we do agree that life should be more the ridiculous side, sometimes it can be too much.

Like our friend here, treating this double rainbow as if it were a downpour of skittles (that commercial always made me so envious). We have never seen someone as excited and fearless to show it (or post it on the internet) Man..lord knows what he was smoking…

The next one we can forgive, because they actually are children. And as their mom correctly points out @22 secs in “I think they’re excited”

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