Iphone trickery!

We love technology and the awkward moments it provides us. The lazier humankind, the funnier for the rest of us. Which is why iphone autocorrect, iphone fail, iphone art and the likes are very appreciated here!

Now, let’s give credit where credit is due. This iphone whales’ guy is funny. I’d be his friend.

This dad is sharp… either he planned the entire thing to perfection. Or it was a coincidence.. or his daughter is an idiot. Probably a combination of the last two.

Freud would really enjoy these autocorrects.. they are a treasure trove of freudian slips and oedipal complexes… Why does it always seem to involve a daughter and her dad..?

Everyone has a geek friend, and every once in awhile, you wish they were dead… or least very badly hurt.

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