You have six bumps on your head, is that normal?

We’re sorry, but Caius Veiovis, also known as demon man here at ohitrunsbackwards, what is this GGG on your forehead?

Oh, it’s 666, ok. Got it.

You sure you didn’t just bump your head six times on your bunk bed, in prison?

This six-horned minion straight out of lucifer’s wildest dreams is.. you guessed it.. wanted for a triple murder and kidnapping charge.

If you were the other two… why would you want him on your team of super assassins.. it’s a dead give-away somethings gonna go down when this guy shows up. Or maybe you use him to make sure no one ever recognizes you, because, really, no one will be looking at you with him by your side.

Too bad for the video cameras.. other wise it would have been a good plan.


Here is he just coming out of the bakery… and by bakery, we mean prison.



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