Cat swinging in Ramsgate



Want to do something extremely absurd and disturbing at the same time?

Try cat swinging.

This lovely scene took place in Ramsgate, UK (where apparently it’s ok to be walking home from the pub wasted in plain daylight). As much as a cat loves a merry-go-round, this is just a jaw-dropping level of insanity.

According to SPCA Inspector Caroline Doe (great last name btw): “This was a very violent, nasty attack on a cat named Mowgli. Anyone who witnessed this outside the pub must have been as shocked and appalled as we were. We are hoping that someone will recognise this man and come forward so we can investigate this fully.”

So the search for a 6 feet tall brown haired cat swinging dude begins.

Keep your eyes wide open, and your cats locked inside.

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