Chinese Walmarts (or houses of horror)

Courtesy of Buzfeed, here is what you could find at a chinese walmart and probably couldn’t find… anywhere else.

Where to begin? The large dead crocodiles?

Ew, what’s that in its mouth (asks the honey badger).

Next up: living turtles and jumbo toads. You’re perfect sunday afternoon snack.

Now, that looks like a fun party.

But there are more than just exotic reptiles.

Look at these one-piece “anti bacteral” men’s underwear (or gymnast suit?).

And because the chinese know marketing and sales, they come up with exciting consumer friendly combos that make total sense. Like corn oil and orange juice.

Why the f*** not.

Finally, of course, you will find things that you’ve never even known existed.

I can take a few wild guesses: headless jumbo dinosaur shrimp? dragon jerky?

I just don’t know.


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