Winter special: funny snowmen

Here are pics of some of the most creative and (funny) snowmen out there.

To begin, our nominee for most violent snowman gladiator scene:

Funny how this reminds me of the Calvin’s snowman house of horror (from Calvin and Hobbes):


Man, what a great kid.

Next up, we have the very creative “keg stand snowman” which defies the laws of physics:

Problem is, snowmen usually have a very low alcohol tolerance leading to very painful hangovers:

Then, also inspired by C&H,  we have the famous car accident victim snowman:

Poor dead snowman. But as this next snowman points out, they are all doomed anyway, due to their watery condition.

BTW, ever wondered what a snowman funerel would be like ?

Makes sense, doesn’t it.

That’s all folks, please send us your creations from this year to make the list!


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