Winter special #2: family portrait hall of shame

Chistmas is always a goog excuse to send out a shameful family protrait to all your loved ones.

And since family xmas photos usually come right after halloween, people get extremely confused and start dressing up as teenage mutant ninja turtles or Adam and Eve.

Look at this dysfunctional group:

It’s also the opportunity for people to display their classiest outfits for the world to see.

Shirt should read: “I should never have been allowed to father a child”

What better chance to get awkwardly naked and show off your man boobs?

Or finally throw on those one-piece jammies you’d gotten at that yard sale.

Or wear a slutty chritmas latex dress while posing next to your young children?

None of it has to make sense: you could pose in front of a cheetah killing an antilope.

But, who am I to be openly criticizing people here. Christmas is a time for love and tolerance. Everyone should be allowed to have a heart-warming talk on Santa’s lap.

It just puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it.


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