Treat life as a gift

Kevin Mack from Grove City does.


3 responses

  1. Found this photo while searching for specific gift photos and was made ill by your friggin’ cold use of it. Not once ounce of empathy for this guy, who clearly is feeling majorly down and in need of some support. Don’t know where you live, but if it’s anywhere near Grove City, OH where he lives, why don’t you pretend you’re a human being for a couple of minutes, play “six degrees of” and see if someone there can reach out to let the guy know someone (besides you, of course) cares?

    1. 1/ This is obviously a joke

      2/ I don’t know if I should play 6 degrees of separation, but you certainly should play second degree of humour

      3/ WTF?

      1. Yeah, one of my friends joked around before she tried offing herself. Not uncommon, either, but, hey, you’re probably right. One should laugh offing jokes off. WTF, right?

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