Just when we thought we had seen it all… Demon man meets Avatar meets vampire / lycan hybrid

Her name is Mary Jose Cristerna, she is from Mexico,  and she calls herself “The woman of your dreams”.

Demon-man and caged-eye vampire man are both little sissy schoolgirls with pokemon backbacks compared to Vampire Dragon Woman.

AT OIRB we estimate this woman’s life expectancy at under 2 weeks for the following reasons:

1/ At least one of the 234 pointy spikes she has in her body would pierce a vital organ in the event she trips or falls (see below)

2/ Anyone with a gun who would come across this person after dark would automotically shoot them no questions asked

By the way you’d think after going through so much trouble to look like a greek mythology creature she would have avoided the white grandmother braw.

Anyway… I guess the message here is: it’s pretty disgusting to have a built-in coat hanger on your back.

Oh, but it’s not used for hanging coats, you say?

What could it possibly be used for?

Uh, Oh.


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