Jean Dujardin is going to be in 50 movies in 2012

Who in the world doesn’t know this man, crowned at the top of his trade by his peers last weekend. (well besides 95% of the world population – you know, the people who are struggling for food rations, water ressources, the people who live in rural africa and asia, the babies who can’t read, the old people who can’t see, the people who just plain don’t care)

But seeing as you are on this blog, you are probably the 5% of us, so you count as a ubiquitous member of the society, you know, the ones who we mean when we say “EVERYONE knows who he is” —  so you therefore, you know who he is.

So to go back on topic. Jean Dujardin will be in 50 movies this year, and he’s playing all villains.

Don’t beleive me?


There. Told ya.

PS. We have just added this man to the all time list of Jean. He’s number two after who else then Jean-Ralphiooo


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