Animals are our deer friends

In case you have a life when you aren’t trolling amateur blogs, you probably have enver heard of this disturbing website:

Man oh man.

So this is basically an animal crime database where animal cruelty is recorded.

And although  here at OIRB we are all but for animal cruelty (especially against honey badgers… hold that thought), there are some pretty sadly famous people on this site worth taking a look at.

For instance…. (drum rolllllllllllllll) Bryan James Hathaway… who stole a CAR, went into the woods with it, found a dead deer and … had sex with it? This is taking “Man vs. Wild” to a whole new level.

But he is not the only person with a weird animal problem.

Our next guest wants to “Eat a badger with a fork”.

You’ve guessed it, who else but our favourite german dude: Flula.



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