Killer Karaoke – The Greatest Game Show Ever Invented

Ladies and gentlemen.

Killer Karaoke has only one rule – whatever happens, don’t stop singing  … and trust us..a lot happens, and it’s not all singing.

Brought to you directly by Steve-O from Jackass (apparently, yes, he is still alive, somehow) – It’s the guy that eats poop, puts his testicles on fire and got his butt peirced together. So you know it’s going to be good.

Just so good.


Why not tase the guy while he’s carrying hot tea AND SINGING?


Or have this girl’s head pooped on by pigeons AND SINGING?


Or make this guy run through a cactus field with drunk goggles AND SINGING?


Actually, let’s just dunk this on in a tank full of snakes AND SINGING.

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