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Slip, slide and wipe children out

In America (fu** yeah), summertime is water games time: and as you dust off your 10 year old super soaker, or take out the slip and slide from the dirty shed… you know good times are ahead.

For this heavy weight, the dream turned to nightmare. Watch as she  falls/slides down the steps of a water slide and wipes out all the children.

It’s like the perfect storm for an epic fail. Norm Duke has got nothing on this.

Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

So many things wrong here.

But the most obvious:  what is wrong with that child touching her butt every two seconds.


Six year old rapper meets Santa Claus and his racoon

Today we get the best of both worlds, an absurdity ying-yang (quite literally).

Meet Albert “Booty Pop” a 6 years who gets more ass in his face and gets to rather graphically spray all over their faces.

And Jimmy, the santa claus look alike, using hannah montana to repel racoons after letting it gnaw on his elbow.

It’s rare to get such a double header that makes no sense. We are happy.

We love intense sports faces

Olympics are coming up in rainy London.

At OIRB, we are very constipated…. I mean excited.

Olympics are not only a chance to see emotional sports performances from talented athletes, but also a great occasion to take out your camera and… try to capture weird faces.

This woman looks up, thanking god for not being man during a pool dancing competition.

More pool dancing. We present to you, straight from every horror movie you”ve ever seen:

The Water demons

Speaking of Demons, Yelena Isinbaeva, the Russian pole vaulter, is a good example of one.

I don’t know if she is looking at “the precious”, but it sure looks like it.

Woman looks like a Dominique Strauss Khan who just saw a cleaning lady.


Actually, no, that would look more like this:


Anyway… let’s look at one more weird diver photo, can’t get enough of that.

We present to you, the gay bunny dive.

That was offensive, sorry.

OIRB out.

The opposite of Oh It Runs Backwards

We’d have taken the glasses and sold them on eBay… and not spelled the only “ethnic” man’s name wrong.

Plus.. who gets to eat the cake??


We don’t know where you live. Frankly we don’t care.

We know where we live.

And where we live, it’s fucking raining. ALL THE TIME.

It’s July. JULY!!

Since summer is supposed to be fun, we combined rain and fun, to give you the best umbrellas ever.

First, the F*** You umbrella. An OIRB favorite. Specially when used by a 12 yrs old with funky boots.

Second, the “incognito” umbrella. That’s for when you don’t want to be seen with a weird umbrella.

These umbrellas are ok, but nothing sepcial. What if, while walking you get mugged? Here is a selection of self-defense umbrellas

The knuckle buster (close range combat):

The mid range “gun” umbrella, perfect for dark alleys:

Water Gun Umbrella

With this next umbrella, no one will mess with you (or rather, everyone wil mess with you if they see you in a dark alley..)

Light Saber Umbrella

And finally, what is better than a real ninja? (nothing) But almost as good is you pretending to be one.. looking badass while being ready for the rain:

It looks like a Samurai Sword, but in reality is an umbrella!

You are now ready to go head to head with the summer rain, even in a dark alley.

Hey, pass me a beer

What do bored people in Milwaukee do?

Shoot “pass me a beer” trick shot videos.



Crazy Euro 2012 football fans

Football fans tend to go wild, especially during international competitions. We rounded up the best / craziest fans out there. While the Euro cup is still up for grabs, the OIRB crazy fan championship goes to….


Nein. Nein nein nein nein nein. Too ugly.


Nope. Too broke and desperate.


Ma che nooo. Too Balotelli-like.


Non non, pas possible. Too boring and sleepy.

Why there was an Iraqi flag at theis France-England match up? You tell me.

Could it be host country Ukraine, then?

Won’t do. Too freaky. What could he possibly be up to here. He’s obvisouly stolen a grandma’s headscarf. But the dance?


Nuh-uh. Too English.

Our winner is HOLLAND. And here is a video to show you why:

How do you say “WTF” in Dutch ?

Top 10 truths about life

Here is our top 10 of unexpected truths (if that’s even a category)

1. You’ve tried flying or doing a kame-ah-me-ha before

2. You’ve spoken to your pet cat or dog (or fish…) and thought he could understand you

3. You’ve enver asked yourself this about ninja turtles before… but man, it makes sense doesn’t it?

4. You’ve been confronted to a very needy boyfriend / girlfriend before, and pondered whether it was OK to break up over the phone / by text messaging

5. Speaking of texting, this also makes sense:

6. Alcool drinks have a personality, and they speak to you when you are under influence: 

7. Turtles are cool

8. Ron Swanson 

9. Wednesday should be spelled wendseday

10. This would be fun

Mister “clean up” from Mars likes to dump wood but doesn’t take orders from women

Story of the week:

A man accused of dumping tree parts on a Detroit street tells a reporter “I don’t listen to women.” The man – Ihor Stetkewycz of Warren, Michigan – also claims to be from Mars.

“I’m not mister clean. I’m mister Clean UP.”


Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy…

Here is a compilation of the best “Call me maybe” Memes out there.

You have your batman, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones… We suggest playing the song as you go through them (oh come on, you youtube to mp3’d it months ago, everyone knows that)

Enjoy, and subscribe to Oh it runs backwards, Maybe?



Pokemons love Carly Rae Jepsen, too.




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