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Do you want to know why dogs don’t rule the world?

This is why:

When all else fails, a little brawn beats a little brain.




Photobomb homage

The principle of a photobomb is simple – it is a photograph that has been “spoiled” by somebody who is not supposed to be in the photograph. Here are some of the top photobombs witnessed on the web.

This one speaks for itself.

Nice smile, but it seems someone is murdering your friend in the background.

Cute animals can photobomb humans too, check out this squirrel.

Darth Vador was celebrating mass this weekend.

The Rock is widely recognised as one of the top photobombers of his time.

So much talent here.

But Vern Troyer (who you may remember from Austin powers) remains the ultimate master of photobomb, aided by is little size and unique timing.

Amazing Amazon purchases

Anything is available on Amazon, and by anything, we really mean anything.

Here is a list of some of the most absurd Amazon purchases of recent years.

And to kick you off, what more than a scare-crow motion activated sprinkler that’ll make those kids wish they had never even thought of walking on your lawn.

The perfect gift for evil old people.

The fear in that little girl’s eyes… Anyway, that’s not all.

If you’re looking for cool stylish clothing, Amazon’s got that too. Make sure you read the product description on this one.


But what good is cool clothing if you can’t defend yourself properly from unexpected attacks as you parade on the street with your awesome style?

That’s why you need: a british commando fighting knife in a new box. With Sheath.

How disturbing is it that people who bought this also bought complete seasons of Dexter?

Very disturbing.

But not as disturbing as people who bought these items:

What can you do with 55 gallons of lubricant, a horse head mask, a fresh whole rabbit and a testicle self-exam form?

You tell me.

Japanese Rhinos are very tame..

What would you do if your pet rhino escaped !!!

Well that is exactly what the Tokyo zoo tried to simulate by their

fake Rhino Escape attempt!!!

This video has everything, a daring animal, a dash for freedom, a casuality! Deceit, betrayal…

Our favorite parts is the rhino stick banging repelling technique used by the brave men of the tokyo zoo!

Also the very casual wrapping of the rhino in a fishnet…

Like a boss

Why just do stuff when you can do stuff “like a boss”?

1. Getting a flu shot (and manning up!)

2. Riding motorcycles

3. Parking your car


4. Pulling your baby teeth out

5. Riding a roller coaster

6. Climbing your chair

7. Walking your fish

8. And finally…  Hanging out!

Mark Wahlberg is a bad ass

Uh, Oh. This wasn’t a great idea. Nice duck face by the way.

“And I would have arm-wrestled dinosaurs, prevented WW2 by killing Hitler during a commando operation, stopped the tsunami with my incredible dam building powers.. and more. and there would have been alot of blood, each time”.

First of all, we all know that Jack Bauer is the only one who could pull off something like that.

And second of all, what the fuck dude.

This is almost as inappropriate as that guy showing his weiner on that kids clothing ad.

(absolutely no link there, in fact)

Someone tell him they ask the bad guys he defeats in movies to lose ON PURPOSE.

Will shoes one day take over the world?

The earliest shoes have been dated to around 7000 BC. Back then, they were made of leather or some other simple material. However, shoes have now become more than just a piece of cloth protecting your feet. Humanity has once more turned something comfortable and simple into crazy accessories and useless inventions. Have a look:

The shoe-umbrella.

The shoe-mop and shoe-broom-and-dust-pan.

The feet-shoe.

The crocs feet-shoe hybrid option. With five different types of pink.

That’s not all, some of the latest inventions include highly sophisticated electronics and gadgets.

The shoe-pikachu-gameboy.

The shoe-music-player.

The Adidas Smart transformer-shoe.

This last shoe should scare us. It actually changes its shape so that your feet are more comfortable during your activity. This raises the question… Will shoes one day be smart enough to overthrow humans and take over the world??

Japanese nonesense: inappropriate sales and transformer owls

If we were to determine where the capital for WTFness really was, I think Japan would have many strong arguments.

Half of the stuff that happens there is… awkward. And mostly really cool.

Ok, sometimes inappropriate.

But we love inappropriate.

Like this tag line for a sale in a japanese store:

That’s a fuckin’ sale if I’ve ever seen one (I haven’t).

But it doesn’t stop there.

Innovative advertising techniques put aside, the japanese have at least one other thing that beats… anything anyone else has ever seen.

A transformer owl.

Forget iphones and cars, I want one of those for christmas next year.

Dancing with the stars (and convicted felons) in the Philippines

Goodbye “American Idol” and “Dancing with the stars”.

Hello “Prison dancer”. (???)


This new web series / show is to take place in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, also known by its initials CPDRC.

CPDRC is a maximum security prison in Cebu, Philippines.

But not just any maximum security prison in the Philippines.

According to wikipedia:

Byron F. Garcia — the official security advisor to the Cebu government who was assigned as head of the prison by his sister is credited for starting a program of choreographed exercise routines for the inmates. The prison is best known worldwide for its viral version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Afterwards, many other dance routines of popular songs followed.

The next logical step was to make a musical. Feels like christmas in january.

According to ABC news: “The show won’t showcase violent offenders, but might include some people convicted for drug violations”.

That’s a relief.

The question left unanswered is : does the best dancer win his freedom?

Peruvian fighting festival madness

Who said christmas was a time of loving and togetherness?

For Peruvians, every year, xmas gifts are handed out by the bunch in the form of punches to the face. This is part of an ancient tradition called Takanakuy.

According to a totally unreliable source:

“Takanakuy, which means “when the blood is boiling” in Quechua, one of the oldest spoken dialects of Peru, is an annual celebration that gives people the chance to solve personal differences with members of their community the old fashioned way”

“Many of the fighters cover their faces with traditional colorful ski masks and hang different stuffed animals on them, to scare opponents”

“On the day of the festival, participants (men, women and children alike) gather in the local bullring, where they engage in a bare knuckle fight, supervised by local authorities who act as referees. Men mostly stick to punching, but in women’s matches kicking is very popular and while contenders don’t seem to be holding back much, injuries are rarely reported. Fighters are not allowed to hit their opponents while they’re down, and they risk getting whipped if they forget about this important rule.”

As it turns out, men enoy kicking as well:

So wait, let me get this straight:

Takanakuy is a big party where people get trashed…

… Wear cool masks…

… Slap each other around…

… and whip eachother?

Sounds like a high school halloween party.

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