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Wild mustache artists: top 3

These stache artists are truly creative, and they have earned a spot in our prestigious ranking. 

Number 1: The bat-stache!

Number 2: The triple stache!

And last but not least, Number 3: the forehead mugshot stache! 

Somehow this makes us want to buy a trailer..

..never thought we’d say this. But now all we have to do it make it to Cullman Liquidation Center in Cullman, Alabama:


and now you too, no?

PS. We love it when he cuts down a branch.. super random.


The Page Turner

Take notice. How to turn a page with class:

No animals were hurt during the making of this video. although one was severely dried!

ps. How do you even come up with such a thing.

pss. How many times do you have to try to get it right?

Winter special: funny snowmen

Here are pics of some of the most creative and (funny) snowmen out there.

To begin, our nominee for most violent snowman gladiator scene:

Funny how this reminds me of the Calvin’s snowman house of horror (from Calvin and Hobbes):


Man, what a great kid.

Next up, we have the very creative “keg stand snowman” which defies the laws of physics:

Problem is, snowmen usually have a very low alcohol tolerance leading to very painful hangovers:

Then, also inspired by C&H,  we have the famous car accident victim snowman:

Poor dead snowman. But as this next snowman points out, they are all doomed anyway, due to their watery condition.

BTW, ever wondered what a snowman funerel would be like ?

Makes sense, doesn’t it.

That’s all folks, please send us your creations from this year to make the list!


A for Effort: best exam answers

Exams can be fun.

Whether you are a senior in college or a child in Kindergarden (with terrible parents).

I mean, of course, it can get frustrating at times…

But sometimes the answer is right under your eyes the whole time.

The key is to think “outside the box”. Like Peter here.

Be creative.

Get an A, for effort.

Halloween costume frenzy

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re lacking inspiration, well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve ranked these halloween costumes according to effort and originailty.

Here is the countdown of our top 8 ideas for 2011.

8. The men’s Leeloo outfit

7. The black belt tampon: get ready for a bloody night

6. The T-rex prisoner

5. Baby red lobster

4. The one night stand

3. The ball pool boy

2. Hungover Alan

1. The gaping hole

Ice sculptures and dumb reporters

– We’ve been working on this sculpture for about 8 hours right now…

– Oh, so you won’t mind if I smash to the ground then?

Oh yeah, awkward tv moment.

Jobs in heaven

Well, there aren’t any jobs down here on earth. So here are the best cartoons of Jobs in heaven!

(hahahahah get it??? ahhhhh So clever!) By the way, Steve Jobs is dead, if you have not heard.

We are so sad, here at ohitrunsbackwards, that we will run forward for a second, and not write anymore stupid comments about these cartoons (and god knows we have many!)




The world according to an alcoholic

What about Norway and Sweden?

Old Japanese Men Dancing..

.. A classic!


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