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Jean Dujardin is going to be in 50 movies in 2012

Who in the world doesn’t know this man, crowned at the top of his trade by his peers last weekend. (well besides 95% of the world population – you know, the people who are struggling for food rations, water ressources, the people who live in rural africa and asia, the babies who can’t read, the old people who can’t see, the people who just plain don’t care)

But seeing as you are on this blog, you are probably the 5% of us, so you count as a ubiquitous member of the society, you know, the ones who we mean when we say “EVERYONE knows who he is” —  so you therefore, you know who he is.

So to go back on topic. Jean Dujardin will be in 50 movies this year, and he’s playing all villains.

Don’t beleive me?


There. Told ya.

PS. We have just added this man to the all time list of Jean. He’s number two after who else then Jean-Ralphiooo

Do you want to know why dogs don’t rule the world?

This is why:

When all else fails, a little brawn beats a little brain.



Japanese Rhinos are very tame..

What would you do if your pet rhino escaped !!!

Well that is exactly what the Tokyo zoo tried to simulate by their

fake Rhino Escape attempt!!!

This video has everything, a daring animal, a dash for freedom, a casuality! Deceit, betrayal…

Our favorite parts is the rhino stick banging repelling technique used by the brave men of the tokyo zoo!

Also the very casual wrapping of the rhino in a fishnet…

Like a boss

Why just do stuff when you can do stuff “like a boss”?

1. Getting a flu shot (and manning up!)

2. Riding motorcycles

3. Parking your car


4. Pulling your baby teeth out

5. Riding a roller coaster

6. Climbing your chair

7. Walking your fish

8. And finally…  Hanging out!

The Page Turner

Take notice. How to turn a page with class:

No animals were hurt during the making of this video. although one was severely dried!

ps. How do you even come up with such a thing.

pss. How many times do you have to try to get it right?

Ping Pong and hard rock christmas music..

go together surprisingly well..

Plus really, who knew ping pong was so “official”..and that so many people actually watched it live, or really watched it, period!

In need of a last minute Christmas gift for your Squirrel?

Squirrels. The animal version of your mother-in-law.

No, we don’t mean you’re married to a squirrel, we just mean it’s the most difficult animal to get a gift for!

Dogs and cats, fishes and lizards have so many gifts options! But squirrels… no.

Also, squirrels are also kind of like the hobos of the animal kingdom, which is why this gift is perfect!!

Squirrel Underpants!

And if your husband is jealous because you got underpants for the squirrel and not him, don’t worry. You can get him those “instant underpants” he’s always dreamed about.

Walk with my tits

The new video by the “Siggas” is an ode to fat people who love to “walk with their tits” and engage in obnoxious public dancing. Oh, and they dress up as green aliens.

Jennifer poops at parties? Flula’s take on american idioms

So, we posted a video from this Flula guy a few weeks a go about the idiom “shooting fish in barrel” and people really seemed to like it. Turns out, there is much more where that came from.

Flula is a german DJ and record producer who loves to make fun of odd  american idioms, as he moved to LA a few years ago and began to hear more and more of them.

Needless to say, he struggles to understand the sense of these idioms.

Here are some of his funniest videos:

Party poopers

Daddy long legs

Happy as a clams

Oh, and he also masters the art of tourette prank calling:

WTF is a whale doing in this story?

Best movie trailer ever – 2016

“2016”is  an action-packed blockbuster film from Ghana where aliens invade earth and men dodge bullets.

I think they may have used microsoft paint to draw up some of the “special” effects.

Anyway, the plot line seems  – interesting.

See for yourself.

Haven’t had enough?

Oh and by the way, both of these are based on true stories.

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