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Goats, More Goats – Star Wars and Games of Thrones.

Here are OIRB, we love goats.


Refer back to:


And goats have struck again! We present to you:

Game of Goats (#GOaTs)


And Star Goats:


Ahh, goat’s to love these animals.

Presidential Election night 2012 and Goats

Hi American people, voting 2012 election night obama romney USA president. (this is for the referencing) Presidential Election United States Barack Obama Mitt Romney Joe Biden Paul Ryan.

Ok so that should drive up the traffic a little. Now onto much less serious stuff. Goats.

The internet seems to have a fad of cats and honey badgers (hahah c’mon as if honey badgers were a fad). But the real absurd animals are goats!!  Election Night 2012. Sorry did it again. I have SEO tourettes syndrom. White House President Vice President!

But what about Goats? We’ll let the internet speak for itself.

First off – goats and wheelbarrows. What a hoot! I mean look at them go — crazy goats!

And what about their singing voice? Heard the new Usher feat. Goat hit?

And finally, an old classic. It’s like my friend Antoine when he’s drunk. Running around and freezing – then falling down. It’s a famous video.. but have you seen the version with the Indian guy talking about kids dying just before — and he’s saying the fainting goats are weird.. with an intro speech like that, who’s the weird one!? Classic OIRB absurdity. (btw how did these goats survive shouldn’t they have been whipped out if Darwin was correct??)

Cheers Obama Romney Election Night 2012 November 6th Election President USA vote!!

Never say no to Panda Cheese

Because if you do…

Animals are our deer friends

In case you have a life when you aren’t trolling amateur blogs, you probably have enver heard of this disturbing website:

Man oh man.

So this is basically an animal crime database where animal cruelty is recorded.

And although  here at OIRB we are all but for animal cruelty (especially against honey badgers… hold that thought), there are some pretty sadly famous people on this site worth taking a look at.

For instance…. (drum rolllllllllllllll) Bryan James Hathaway… who stole a CAR, went into the woods with it, found a dead deer and … had sex with it? This is taking “Man vs. Wild” to a whole new level.

But he is not the only person with a weird animal problem.

Our next guest wants to “Eat a badger with a fork”.

You’ve guessed it, who else but our favourite german dude: Flula.



Do you want to know why dogs don’t rule the world?

This is why:

When all else fails, a little brawn beats a little brain.



Japanese Rhinos are very tame..

What would you do if your pet rhino escaped !!!

Well that is exactly what the Tokyo zoo tried to simulate by their

fake Rhino Escape attempt!!!

This video has everything, a daring animal, a dash for freedom, a casuality! Deceit, betrayal…

Our favorite parts is the rhino stick banging repelling technique used by the brave men of the tokyo zoo!

Also the very casual wrapping of the rhino in a fishnet…

Like a boss

Why just do stuff when you can do stuff “like a boss”?

1. Getting a flu shot (and manning up!)

2. Riding motorcycles

3. Parking your car


4. Pulling your baby teeth out

5. Riding a roller coaster

6. Climbing your chair

7. Walking your fish

8. And finally…  Hanging out!

In need of a last minute Christmas gift for your Squirrel?

Squirrels. The animal version of your mother-in-law.

No, we don’t mean you’re married to a squirrel, we just mean it’s the most difficult animal to get a gift for!

Dogs and cats, fishes and lizards have so many gifts options! But squirrels… no.

Also, squirrels are also kind of like the hobos of the animal kingdom, which is why this gift is perfect!!

Squirrel Underpants!

And if your husband is jealous because you got underpants for the squirrel and not him, don’t worry. You can get him those “instant underpants” he’s always dreamed about.

Cat swinging in Ramsgate



Want to do something extremely absurd and disturbing at the same time?

Try cat swinging.

This lovely scene took place in Ramsgate, UK (where apparently it’s ok to be walking home from the pub wasted in plain daylight). As much as a cat loves a merry-go-round, this is just a jaw-dropping level of insanity.

According to SPCA Inspector Caroline Doe (great last name btw): “This was a very violent, nasty attack on a cat named Mowgli. Anyone who witnessed this outside the pub must have been as shocked and appalled as we were. We are hoping that someone will recognise this man and come forward so we can investigate this fully.”

So the search for a 6 feet tall brown haired cat swinging dude begins.

Keep your eyes wide open, and your cats locked inside.

Puppy phobia

You think tribal face tatoos are tough?

Think again.

“I have a Dad, and he’s never here. And it hurts…”

Imagine if this guy were to be face to face a fearless honey badger…

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