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Presidential Election night 2012 and Goats

Hi American people, voting 2012 election night obama romney USA president. (this is for the referencing) Presidential Election United States Barack Obama Mitt Romney Joe Biden Paul Ryan.

Ok so that should drive up the traffic a little. Now onto much less serious stuff. Goats.

The internet seems to have a fad of cats and honey badgers (hahah c’mon as if honey badgers were a fad). But the real absurd animals are goats!!  Election Night 2012. Sorry did it again. I have SEO tourettes syndrom. White House President Vice President!

But what about Goats? We’ll let the internet speak for itself.

First off – goats and wheelbarrows. What a hoot! I mean look at them go — crazy goats!

And what about their singing voice? Heard the new Usher feat. Goat hit?

And finally, an old classic. It’s like my friend Antoine when he’s drunk. Running around and freezing – then falling down. It’s a famous video.. but have you seen the version with the Indian guy talking about kids dying just before — and he’s saying the fainting goats are weird.. with an intro speech like that, who’s the weird one!? Classic OIRB absurdity. (btw how did these goats survive shouldn’t they have been whipped out if Darwin was correct??)

Cheers Obama Romney Election Night 2012 November 6th Election President USA vote!!

He ate their Halloween candy. AGAIN.

After a few months of hibernation – polar bear style (jk polar bears are the only ones not to hibernate) ..annnndd we’re back.

Jimmy Kimmel – he ate your halloween candy again.



ps. wait until 4:15 to have your faith in humanity restored.

Cheeseburger crust pizza, for real?

Either Pizza Hut has hit rock bottom and started digging.

Either they are geniuses. I can’t tell.

Cheeseburger crust pizza ? Really?

We are probably not going to get this ever in Europe, but the fact it exists is… cool.

How did this ever come up in the conversation at their big marketing meeting?

Anyway, this would have been the craziest idea ever if it wasn’t for …

JAPAN (who else?)

Yup, Japan is at it again my friends.

I give you: shrimp tempura crust pizza.

What, the actual F***?

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