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After 1 year, 11 months and 29 days, The Internet Is Funny Again : Ebola Edition.

BREAKING NEWS (and UPDATE 23/10 below):

After 1 year, 11 months and 29 days, the internet is funny again.. We don’t know what happened, it all stopped all of sudden, and took a Dave-Chapel-African-Style-Retreat but it’s back! And Hey.. guess what, if the internet’s back to being funny, we’re back in business! And we’re so glad.

But it gave us some nice down time. We were able to spend all the money we made from all our advertising deals. And just when our millions were running low. Ebola struck, and we couldn’t be happier.


“I gave my roommate Ebola. It was awesome!” -> Classic Liberian line. I’d even put it as an opener in my craigslist ad to find a new roommate.

But who wouldn’t want a nice, plush ebola stuffed toy to give their kids?!

However, isn’t this great. A massive hysteria always brings out the best in people.. and sometimes is just a great way to cover up hidden racism:

ebola rejection college


“Not accepting … students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.” SO YOU GUYS AREN’T ACCEPTING ANY AMERICANS, CORRECT? Oh, *international* students.. nice little cover up.


And you know it’s getting ridiculous.. when CNN says it’s getting ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.43.52 PM

And the cherry on top.

Get sick on a plane, stay in the bathroom

A passenger who vomited in the aisle of an American Airlines plane from Dallas to Chicago was allegedly told to stay in the lavatory for the rest of the flight. “They told her to stay in the bathroom, and she stayed in the bathroom,” Martha Selby, a University of Texas professor who was on the flight, told the Houston Chronicle. “They said, ‘We can’t let you out.'”

The airlines told the paper that the woman wanted to stay in the bathroom, and that “there were no concerns related to Ebola.”

Never mind the fact that:



FYI that would be 3 vs 1

And that:

ebola aids

(notice the very nice phallically shaped blackout, touché!)

This simple quizz should help you in the long run:


So stay safe, but continue being crazy.


How many of you will be dressed as Ebola for this year’s Halloween? I’m guessing 57% of Frat “Bros” will. The other 43% will be dressed as abortions. Classic.

And in other news.. this guy in Dallas apparently decorated his entire house as Ebola. Nice! OIRB vote for best decorations.


[The owner] explains that police were called the first night he put up his display, so he added a “Happy Halloween” sign to his balcony. The items used in the display were purchased at a hospital auction for less than $150 he says. Faulk says he isn’t finished with the display. He plans to board up his door and put a dummy in a hospital bed in the window soon.

[The owner], who talked to FOX cameras in a “CDC Trainee” uniform and a face mask, told the TV station that people offended by the display need to “lighten up.”


Killer Karaoke – The Greatest Game Show Ever Invented

Ladies and gentlemen.

Killer Karaoke has only one rule – whatever happens, don’t stop singing  … and trust us..a lot happens, and it’s not all singing.

Brought to you directly by Steve-O from Jackass (apparently, yes, he is still alive, somehow) – It’s the guy that eats poop, puts his testicles on fire and got his butt peirced together. So you know it’s going to be good.

Just so good.


Why not tase the guy while he’s carrying hot tea AND SINGING?


Or have this girl’s head pooped on by pigeons AND SINGING?


Or make this guy run through a cactus field with drunk goggles AND SINGING?


Actually, let’s just dunk this on in a tank full of snakes AND SINGING.

The Page Turner

Take notice. How to turn a page with class:

No animals were hurt during the making of this video. although one was severely dried!

ps. How do you even come up with such a thing.

pss. How many times do you have to try to get it right?

Evil toddler chooses dark side

What is it with these little girls… First, the disneyland Sith lady  gig. Now this.

So much hatred and rebellion.

Speaking of rebellion, check out this distrustful little guy:

Jobs in heaven

Well, there aren’t any jobs down here on earth. So here are the best cartoons of Jobs in heaven!

(hahahahah get it??? ahhhhh So clever!) By the way, Steve Jobs is dead, if you have not heard.

We are so sad, here at ohitrunsbackwards, that we will run forward for a second, and not write anymore stupid comments about these cartoons (and god knows we have many!)




Best signs from #occupywallstreet

It’s like her job is written on her face…

You look pretty joyful in this pic grandma?

But whatever you say.

I hear it’s still on, and it’s an upcoming train.

Keeping it simple.

oh ya.

Good thing terrorists don’t speak english

… or it could get really awkward.

At least they tried to hide the sign behind a bush…

This just in…


At this point, does anyone really care?


You need alot of it to eat your own underwear.

Drink up, everyone!

As Nicole and Uma would put it: “what did you expect?”

Jay “Smart ass” Cronley.


We like inappropriate.

There are real answers…and it’s not the ones you thought (bottom right)

I don’t get, at all, what they are apologizing for.

The photographer has a sense of humor.. and decided to ruin a kid’s life.

Can also double as a blow-up doll..for pedophiles.

Classified ads #1

Don’t worry, you’ll get paid AFTER we get back from our time-travel.
But make sure you bring your own weapons, though.

Funeral pre-arrangements a.k.a. the perfect gift.

A for effort. F for realism.

The death penalty. Get your dad his very own!

The China Seafood restaurant.

I would have gone last week if it hadn’t been for that ******* inconvenient ad.


They taste like chicken.

“Playboy magazines for guns. I’ll trade you”.

Good ideas.

This company didn’t have one.

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