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Skin artists

“Hey, I know. I’m gonna get one of Wolverine riding a pink poney”.

Sweet 6-pack.

Twilight fan and kool-aid lover. Talk about a win-win combination.

In loving memory of an evil midget witch?

Friends. Some people don’t have any.

A honey badger fighting a cobra, normal.

And last, the reason for this blog:

yes. it’s a honey badger, dressed as an english gentlemen, sitting in a chair, drinking whiskey carrying a rifle and book… surrounded by a flower and ribbon.

this is one time I could truly say; WTF?


4th of July – “Go America” rally signs

In honor of this fourth of july, 2011 edition.

We have collected for you some of the best “America themed” rally signs.

The first one is not a rally sign, but it is a truly American one.

However … wedding gowns? That’s just weird for a place selling guns and alcohol.

Good thing that guy wasn’t near the “Hussey’s General Store”..


At least he’s honest (but I don’t think he realized that writing it in rainbow colored letters might add an extra, unintended, meaning..)

In case you’re unsure as to where this quote comes from, think Vince Vaughn and co in Old School. Instant classic:

And last, but certainly not least:


They don’t have one.

Neither do we.


… Low on cash, high on jokes.

This guy seems pretty happy about his wife being kidnapped. Or maybe it’s because he has that awesome mustache.


Um, um. Yeah, right.


Nice styles in color. I like how his pink marker ran out after the second line, so he got a new one… and then for the “molest me” part he was like – fuck that

On another note, waking up today, I didn’t think I would be typing :


The FARCE is strong with this one.


This guy seems legit.


Automatic winner.


… where vikings are not allowed and “on tour” means “under fart”

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