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He ate their Halloween candy. AGAIN.

After a few months of hibernation – polar bear style (jk polar bears are the only ones not to hibernate) ..annnndd we’re back.

Jimmy Kimmel – he ate your halloween candy again.



ps. wait until 4:15 to have your faith in humanity restored.

Six year old rapper meets Santa Claus and his racoon

Today we get the best of both worlds, an absurdity ying-yang (quite literally).

Meet Albert “Booty Pop” a 6 years who gets more ass in his face and gets to rather graphically spray all over their faces.

And Jimmy, the santa claus look alike, using hannah montana to repel racoons after letting it gnaw on his elbow.

It’s rare to get such a double header that makes no sense. We are happy.

Always be yourself… Unless…

Absurd world records

1/ Jumping rope

The Japanese are at it again.

And remember folks:

“Anything you can do, a Japanese person can do better”

2/ Clapping your hands

wow, cool talent. But will he use it for good or for evil?

721 claps in one minute.

Let’s do the amth here: that’s 12 claps a second.

Try doing 5…

3/ Stacking cups

4/ Watching ALL the Simpsons episodes at once

This just in:  a few hardcore fans are attempting to break ally break the current Guinness World Record for the longest continuous television viewing (86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds) by watching all of the episodes from every season of The Simpsons.

According to the Simpsons facebook page, they are doing this to commemorate the Simpsons 500th episode due to air February 19th. This will be quite the marathon.

In order to beat the record that means you have to sit through at least 259 twenty minute episodes.

And to go for the win you have to be the last one standing:

“The contest winner will take home a $10,500 prize and an array of THE SIMPSONS merchandise, including products exclusively designed to commemorate the 500th episode. ”

That’s 4 days well spent…

We were joking around on the beach when all of a sudden…

You can only lose when your ad for children’s beach wear has a naked man coming out of the water in the background.

That’s what french on-line clothing store La Redoute is thinking right now, after taking 8 year old boys to a photo shoot on a nude beach.

These poor kids don’t know what’s coming.

Ipods for christmas bring out the best in your children. NOT.

You may want to lower the volume before playing this.

“Hi, can we be friends so I can do you?”

Can men and women be just friends?

Here at Oh It runs backwards, we would like to think so. Afterall, having sex with your friend is just that… having sex with A FRIEND.

Don’t you agree?

This regular christopher hitchens went and tried to find out for himself, can it be done?

Answers will (or not at all actually) surprise you.

Hey kids, we got you a crappy christmas gift

Best quote ever: “Mom, I love your cooking when you cook us dinners, like hot pockets”

Oh, and just a piece of advice: wait until 4:40, you won’t regret it.

Texts from Bennett

Bennett is a 17 year-old gangster wannabe living in some american suburb.

His 30 year old cousin exchanges texts with him and thought it was time to share Bennett’s wisdom with the rest of the world via a blog.

According to his cousin: “Bennett thinks he is a CRIP, works at AMOCO and is the most unintentionally funny and brilliant soul on the planet”

I’m not sure about that last part.

Here is a photo of Bennett:

Now Bennett has a lot of deep and enriching thoughts about various topics he enjoys sharing with his cousin by text.

For instance, Lasagna.

Yeah, Bennett. What is that? And sammon IS dope, word (…??)


Here is Bennett’s take on dog poisoning. More precisely, “rockwilder” poisoning.

Bennett is pretty dangerous. He’s been to jail before. For dog poisoning ? no.

For this:

A boss hog gangsta indeed.

Bennett, as Will Ferrell would put it rightafter he’s been shot in the neck and punctured with a rhino sleeping pill/dart: “I like you, but…’re crazy”

And this has nothing to do with Bennett, but just for old time’s sake:

A for Effort: best exam answers

Exams can be fun.

Whether you are a senior in college or a child in Kindergarden (with terrible parents).

I mean, of course, it can get frustrating at times…

But sometimes the answer is right under your eyes the whole time.

The key is to think “outside the box”. Like Peter here.

Be creative.

Get an A, for effort.

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