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Scooter Dutch Weird Music Video (no other title makes sense)

So it’s Halloween today!!! Sadly, this next video has everything associated with this “disgusting” tradition: the horror, the shock, the gore, the violence (on the eyes and the ears). Like any good gory video you won’t be able to finish it.. but it has none of the festive tradition also coupled with Halloween.


This is 100% real.


Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy…

Here is a compilation of the best “Call me maybe” Memes out there.

You have your batman, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones… We suggest playing the song as you go through them (oh come on, you youtube to mp3’d it months ago, everyone knows that)

Enjoy, and subscribe to Oh it runs backwards, Maybe?



Pokemons love Carly Rae Jepsen, too.




Obama loves you, maybe

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but you had four years, and you’ll be gone, maybe?

Shithead’s dating video

Dating videos are back.

And they have found their master.

Shithead (pronounce shA-dEEd, oh ya it’s her name. HER NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) just recorded this wonderful wtf-was-that-shit(head) clip/song to attract a (very) lost soul.

Some of the catch lines include:

“I’m Shithead and I burnt down a hospital”


“I’m Shithead and I can only count to 6. What da heck come after 6?”

Enjoy, this level of absurdity is a scarce ressource internet can provide only so much of.


That’s a wrap, youtube. You’ll never top this.

The chronicles of boredom: future pop diva

Fat Dude Sings 5 Octaves On Piano Video.

In this new series, we explore the lengths to which some individuals go to fight boredom.

First up: this talented Josh Groban wannabe.

April Ludgate tribute

Here is to the coolest girl on TV: 


The Handsome Men’s Club

If a blog could be in this club, we would be the new president.

Cash, money and Dom Perignon

August 4th, 1693 (418 years) Mr. Perignon (Dom of his first name)  changes the lives of rappers, pimps, and strip clubs…

In his honor, here are the worst rappers, wanna be pimps ect…

ps. Dom is not at all his first name.

1st off: PAtrick Hernandez, his hand movements are the best. Sweet cane as well.

2nd: Straight from the MTL, with the best shirt and a pet tiger,Mr. Jon Lajoie

Then we go straight to another, because. Just because

Remember this guy, Mr. Vanilla Ice..?

But really, the best of the best, Blazin Hazen. How this guy didn’t get a record deal, I don’t know.

Threw it on the ground! by Loneley Island

Man, this ain’t my dad, this is a CELL PHONE.

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