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Scooter Dutch Weird Music Video (no other title makes sense)

So it’s Halloween today!!! Sadly, this next video has everything associated with this “disgusting” tradition: the horror, the shock, the gore, the violence (on the eyes and the ears). Like any good gory video you won’t be able to finish it.. but it has none of the festive tradition also coupled with Halloween.


This is 100% real.


Africa for Norway: bring the heat!

Here in our Oh It runs backwards headquarters (can’t give you the location, that’s top secret classified stuff, buuuuuut  it’s in a cave filled with high tech gadgets) we are really cold during winter.

So we fully approve this initiative by Radi-Aid!

Presidential Election night 2012 and Goats

Hi American people, voting 2012 election night obama romney USA president. (this is for the referencing) Presidential Election United States Barack Obama Mitt Romney Joe Biden Paul Ryan.

Ok so that should drive up the traffic a little. Now onto much less serious stuff. Goats.

The internet seems to have a fad of cats and honey badgers (hahah c’mon as if honey badgers were a fad). But the real absurd animals are goats!!  Election Night 2012. Sorry did it again. I have SEO tourettes syndrom. White House President Vice President!

But what about Goats? We’ll let the internet speak for itself.

First off – goats and wheelbarrows. What a hoot! I mean look at them go — crazy goats!

And what about their singing voice? Heard the new Usher feat. Goat hit?

And finally, an old classic. It’s like my friend Antoine when he’s drunk. Running around and freezing – then falling down. It’s a famous video.. but have you seen the version with the Indian guy talking about kids dying just before — and he’s saying the fainting goats are weird.. with an intro speech like that, who’s the weird one!? Classic OIRB absurdity. (btw how did these goats survive shouldn’t they have been whipped out if Darwin was correct??)

Cheers Obama Romney Election Night 2012 November 6th Election President USA vote!!

Six year old rapper meets Santa Claus and his racoon

Today we get the best of both worlds, an absurdity ying-yang (quite literally).

Meet Albert “Booty Pop” a 6 years who gets more ass in his face and gets to rather graphically spray all over their faces.

And Jimmy, the santa claus look alike, using hannah montana to repel racoons after letting it gnaw on his elbow.

It’s rare to get such a double header that makes no sense. We are happy.

Hey, pass me a beer

What do bored people in Milwaukee do?

Shoot “pass me a beer” trick shot videos.



Top 10 truths about life

Here is our top 10 of unexpected truths (if that’s even a category)

1. You’ve tried flying or doing a kame-ah-me-ha before

2. You’ve spoken to your pet cat or dog (or fish…) and thought he could understand you

3. You’ve enver asked yourself this about ninja turtles before… but man, it makes sense doesn’t it?

4. You’ve been confronted to a very needy boyfriend / girlfriend before, and pondered whether it was OK to break up over the phone / by text messaging

5. Speaking of texting, this also makes sense:

6. Alcool drinks have a personality, and they speak to you when you are under influence: 

7. Turtles are cool

8. Ron Swanson 

9. Wednesday should be spelled wendseday

10. This would be fun

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy…

Here is a compilation of the best “Call me maybe” Memes out there.

You have your batman, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones… We suggest playing the song as you go through them (oh come on, you youtube to mp3’d it months ago, everyone knows that)

Enjoy, and subscribe to Oh it runs backwards, Maybe?



Pokemons love Carly Rae Jepsen, too.




Jager bombs: let’s make bad decisions

As most of you all probably know, Jagermeister leads to great times and awesome memories.

But, it can also lead to very bad decisions.

Which is why you have to be careful.

Here is a simple scheme to remember as you are about to hop on the jagerbomb fun ride.

Indian ninjas riding trains

Wait for 0:48.

When is the iphone app coming out?

Cheeseburger crust pizza, for real?

Either Pizza Hut has hit rock bottom and started digging.

Either they are geniuses. I can’t tell.

Cheeseburger crust pizza ? Really?

We are probably not going to get this ever in Europe, but the fact it exists is… cool.

How did this ever come up in the conversation at their big marketing meeting?

Anyway, this would have been the craziest idea ever if it wasn’t for …

JAPAN (who else?)

Yup, Japan is at it again my friends.

I give you: shrimp tempura crust pizza.

What, the actual F***?

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