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Scooter Dutch Weird Music Video (no other title makes sense)

So it’s Halloween today!!! Sadly, this next video has everything associated with this “disgusting” tradition: the horror, the shock, the gore, the violence (on the eyes and the ears). Like any good gory video you won’t be able to finish it.. but it has none of the festive tradition also coupled with Halloween.


This is 100% real.


After 1 year, 11 months and 29 days, The Internet Is Funny Again : Ebola Edition.

BREAKING NEWS (and UPDATE 23/10 below):

After 1 year, 11 months and 29 days, the internet is funny again.. We don’t know what happened, it all stopped all of sudden, and took a Dave-Chapel-African-Style-Retreat but it’s back! And Hey.. guess what, if the internet’s back to being funny, we’re back in business! And we’re so glad.

But it gave us some nice down time. We were able to spend all the money we made from all our advertising deals. And just when our millions were running low. Ebola struck, and we couldn’t be happier.


“I gave my roommate Ebola. It was awesome!” -> Classic Liberian line. I’d even put it as an opener in my craigslist ad to find a new roommate.

But who wouldn’t want a nice, plush ebola stuffed toy to give their kids?!

However, isn’t this great. A massive hysteria always brings out the best in people.. and sometimes is just a great way to cover up hidden racism:

ebola rejection college


“Not accepting … students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.” SO YOU GUYS AREN’T ACCEPTING ANY AMERICANS, CORRECT? Oh, *international* students.. nice little cover up.


And you know it’s getting ridiculous.. when CNN says it’s getting ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.43.52 PM

And the cherry on top.

Get sick on a plane, stay in the bathroom

A passenger who vomited in the aisle of an American Airlines plane from Dallas to Chicago was allegedly told to stay in the lavatory for the rest of the flight. “They told her to stay in the bathroom, and she stayed in the bathroom,” Martha Selby, a University of Texas professor who was on the flight, told the Houston Chronicle. “They said, ‘We can’t let you out.'”

The airlines told the paper that the woman wanted to stay in the bathroom, and that “there were no concerns related to Ebola.”

Never mind the fact that:



FYI that would be 3 vs 1

And that:

ebola aids

(notice the very nice phallically shaped blackout, touché!)

This simple quizz should help you in the long run:


So stay safe, but continue being crazy.


How many of you will be dressed as Ebola for this year’s Halloween? I’m guessing 57% of Frat “Bros” will. The other 43% will be dressed as abortions. Classic.

And in other news.. this guy in Dallas apparently decorated his entire house as Ebola. Nice! OIRB vote for best decorations.


[The owner] explains that police were called the first night he put up his display, so he added a “Happy Halloween” sign to his balcony. The items used in the display were purchased at a hospital auction for less than $150 he says. Faulk says he isn’t finished with the display. He plans to board up his door and put a dummy in a hospital bed in the window soon.

[The owner], who talked to FOX cameras in a “CDC Trainee” uniform and a face mask, told the TV station that people offended by the display need to “lighten up.”


A 4 minute song and a lifetime of regrets

Epic dancing at 3:01

Animals are our deer friends

In case you have a life when you aren’t trolling amateur blogs, you probably have enver heard of this disturbing website:

Man oh man.

So this is basically an animal crime database where animal cruelty is recorded.

And although  here at OIRB we are all but for animal cruelty (especially against honey badgers… hold that thought), there are some pretty sadly famous people on this site worth taking a look at.

For instance…. (drum rolllllllllllllll) Bryan James Hathaway… who stole a CAR, went into the woods with it, found a dead deer and … had sex with it? This is taking “Man vs. Wild” to a whole new level.

But he is not the only person with a weird animal problem.

Our next guest wants to “Eat a badger with a fork”.

You’ve guessed it, who else but our favourite german dude: Flula.



Amazing Amazon purchases

Anything is available on Amazon, and by anything, we really mean anything.

Here is a list of some of the most absurd Amazon purchases of recent years.

And to kick you off, what more than a scare-crow motion activated sprinkler that’ll make those kids wish they had never even thought of walking on your lawn.

The perfect gift for evil old people.

The fear in that little girl’s eyes… Anyway, that’s not all.

If you’re looking for cool stylish clothing, Amazon’s got that too. Make sure you read the product description on this one.


But what good is cool clothing if you can’t defend yourself properly from unexpected attacks as you parade on the street with your awesome style?

That’s why you need: a british commando fighting knife in a new box. With Sheath.

How disturbing is it that people who bought this also bought complete seasons of Dexter?

Very disturbing.

But not as disturbing as people who bought these items:

What can you do with 55 gallons of lubricant, a horse head mask, a fresh whole rabbit and a testicle self-exam form?

You tell me.

Best church singer. Or… worst church singer. It depends.

This guy is a future rock star. He has it all.

But for now you can see him perform at your local church. And by perform, we mean squeal.

That was painful. I think my ears are bleeding.

Loooooking for a cityyyyyyyyyyy.

How about looking for a singing talent…

Love the waive as he walks off stage though.


Caged-eye vampire man loves to pierce his face

Demon man may just have been beaten out for the title of wackiest face piercing combination.

Straight out of your worst nightmares, we proudly present: “Caged-eye vampire man”:

There’s a deranged young man if I’ve ever seen one. Why vampire? Well, there are the fangs, of course. And the fact he seems to be purchasing sunscreen at his local 7/11 (see background).

We were joking around on the beach when all of a sudden…

You can only lose when your ad for children’s beach wear has a naked man coming out of the water in the background.

That’s what french on-line clothing store La Redoute is thinking right now, after taking 8 year old boys to a photo shoot on a nude beach.

These poor kids don’t know what’s coming.

Ipods for christmas bring out the best in your children. NOT.

You may want to lower the volume before playing this.

Treat life as a gift

Kevin Mack from Grove City does.


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