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We love intense sports faces

Olympics are coming up in rainy London.

At OIRB, we are very constipated…. I mean excited.

Olympics are not only a chance to see emotional sports performances from talented athletes, but also a great occasion to take out your camera and… try to capture weird faces.

This woman looks up, thanking god for not being man during a pool dancing competition.

More pool dancing. We present to you, straight from every horror movie you”ve ever seen:

The Water demons

Speaking of Demons, Yelena Isinbaeva, the Russian pole vaulter, is a good example of one.

I don’t know if she is looking at “the precious”, but it sure looks like it.

Woman looks like a Dominique Strauss Khan who just saw a cleaning lady.


Actually, no, that would look more like this:


Anyway… let’s look at one more weird diver photo, can’t get enough of that.

We present to you, the gay bunny dive.

That was offensive, sorry.

OIRB out.

Crazy Euro 2012 football fans

Football fans tend to go wild, especially during international competitions. We rounded up the best / craziest fans out there. While the Euro cup is still up for grabs, the OIRB crazy fan championship goes to….


Nein. Nein nein nein nein nein. Too ugly.


Nope. Too broke and desperate.


Ma che nooo. Too Balotelli-like.


Non non, pas possible. Too boring and sleepy.

Why there was an Iraqi flag at theis France-England match up? You tell me.

Could it be host country Ukraine, then?

Won’t do. Too freaky. What could he possibly be up to here. He’s obvisouly stolen a grandma’s headscarf. But the dance?


Nuh-uh. Too English.

Our winner is HOLLAND. And here is a video to show you why:

How do you say “WTF” in Dutch ?

Horrible styles in women’s tennis

OIRB was never meant to be a fashion critic blog. But watching the French Tennis Open this weekend, I just so happened to catch a glimpse of a certain Bethanie Mattek Sands’ match against something something Lisicki. And it was mesmerizing.

Bethanie is American, ranked 170 in the WTA. However, in our horrible tennis style ranking, she is an obvious number 1. Or is she? Here is our top 5 horrible tennis styles.

5. Serena Williams

The motorcycle / hells angels from outer-space  look, by Serena Williams. Good enough to make number 5.

I especially like the leather shin guards.

4. Maria Sharapova

The mermaid-look was a long shot, even for Maria.

Obviosuly, Nike recently hired the people who did Jenifer Lopez’s provocative Versace rainforest dress at the oscars back in 2000. 

The question left unanswered here is: how can you be so pretty and look so bad?

3. King Joffrey

The fact Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones is competing in the women’s top 5 probably won’t come to you as a major shock. His douchy bandana and pipe tennis-look was good enough to beat Serena and Maria.

Not a real tennis racket, you say? Try telling him that and you just might get yourself killed. Or at least yelled at and sentenced to death.

Anyway, badass King J sits at number 3.

2. Bethanie Mattek Sands

She tried her hardest, but she could only make second. Despite these unbelievabl(y ugly) outifts.

This was yesterday:

The patriotic baseball player look.

And finally:

What are you thinking: more Jane or Tarzan?

Breasts are Jane-like but biceps and and shoulders are screaming Tarzan.

1. Venus Williams

This was a close one.

Mistaking her sexy (or not) night gown for her tennis outfit, Venus Williams shocked the sports world with a skin color panties. Everyone thought she was naked, and… well,  she almost was.

Good enough for numero uno in our horrible tennis outfits top 5.

Ok. Now you’re just doing it on purpose.

Gravity is a bi***

Pause at 0:03 and read the message on the top left…


Big things are coming.

Indian ninjas riding trains

Wait for 0:48.

When is the iphone app coming out?

World Peace elbows basketball player, gets ejected

World Peace was violent las night, elbowing James harden in the head.

For you NBA fans, that probably makes alot of sense.

For others, none whatsoever.

Metta World Peace is a Los Angeles Lakers player who recently changed his name from Ron Artest.

World Peace claims it was an “unfortunate” elbow to the face, all part of a post-dunk gorilla celebration . But when you look closely… it seems as though World Peace did it on purpose.

Man, what a circus.

Bear Grylls fireball

Asked to throw the honorary first pitch at the LA Dodgers game… Bear Grylls decided he needed to make it special.

So he lit the ball on fire.

Disappointing he would use a lighter, where are his flint and sticks?

Maradona’s forward roll gets a 10

Cocaïne is a hell of a drug.

Football sensation Diego Maradona, now coaching Al Wasl football club in Dubai, was very frustrated with his team this weekend. They kept on missing easy shots, and it was starting to get to him.

So he did what any coach usually does in this situation.

He did a forward roll.

For people who don’t follow football ( “soccer”) Maradona is widely considered as one of the top 3 players of all time, along with brazilian Pele and argentinian Leo Messi, who plays for FC Barcelona.

He is also considered to be a crazy person, and a drug addict.

Anyway, he finally makes it on this blog with a very fancy forward roll, or as they call itin spanish his “rabieta-pirueta”.

“Bowl” so hard…

“Who do you think you ARE? I AM.”

With these words Pete Weber celebrated his 5th US bowling open. And what a celebration it was.

“Pete, you are NOT the father”



Absurd world records

1/ Jumping rope

The Japanese are at it again.

And remember folks:

“Anything you can do, a Japanese person can do better”

2/ Clapping your hands

wow, cool talent. But will he use it for good or for evil?

721 claps in one minute.

Let’s do the amth here: that’s 12 claps a second.

Try doing 5…

3/ Stacking cups

4/ Watching ALL the Simpsons episodes at once

This just in:  a few hardcore fans are attempting to break ally break the current Guinness World Record for the longest continuous television viewing (86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds) by watching all of the episodes from every season of The Simpsons.

According to the Simpsons facebook page, they are doing this to commemorate the Simpsons 500th episode due to air February 19th. This will be quite the marathon.

In order to beat the record that means you have to sit through at least 259 twenty minute episodes.

And to go for the win you have to be the last one standing:

“The contest winner will take home a $10,500 prize and an array of THE SIMPSONS merchandise, including products exclusively designed to commemorate the 500th episode. ”

That’s 4 days well spent…

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