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Mister “clean up” from Mars likes to dump wood but doesn’t take orders from women

Story of the week:

A man accused of dumping tree parts on a Detroit street tells a reporter “I don’t listen to women.” The man – Ihor Stetkewycz of Warren, Michigan – also claims to be from Mars.

“I’m not mister clean. I’m mister Clean UP.”


Obama loves you, maybe

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but you had four years, and you’ll be gone, maybe?

Movie trailer guys

So, this guy is 14 years old, and he sounds like Brittney Griner ??

That’s talent, right there.

Although, he did steal some of this from Pablo Francisco’s famous clip:

It’s tough being named Michael Jordan

ESPN came up with a brilliant ad as part of their “It’s not crazy, it’s sports” campaign

Poor guy.

By the way, according to, there are 3,026 people in the U.S. named Michael Jordan.

Tough luck.

Bear Grylls fireball

Asked to throw the honorary first pitch at the LA Dodgers game… Bear Grylls decided he needed to make it special.

So he lit the ball on fire.

Disappointing he would use a lighter, where are his flint and sticks?

Somehow this makes us want to buy a trailer..

..never thought we’d say this. But now all we have to do it make it to Cullman Liquidation Center in Cullman, Alabama:


and now you too, no?

PS. We love it when he cuts down a branch.. super random.


Beware of the angry tennis player

There’s “angry”, and then there’s “smashing four brand new tennis rackets to the ground angry”.

Tennis star Marcos Baghdatis belongs to that elite second category.

This guy is from Cyprus, by the way. A land of heavenly beaches… and apparently ill-tempered hyper-violent maniacs.

I’d recommend NOT hitting on this guy’s girlfriend.

Crazy contestant tackles / hugs / dry humps Neil Patrick Harris on the price is right

Now this, ladies and gentleman, is sheer excitement.

This contestant unleashes a wave of furious celebrating as she wins on the Price is right, destroying every thing in its path (including Drew Carey and NPH).  And it is hilarious.

“OMG!! I don’t even have any shoes on!”


Japanese nonesense: inappropriate sales and transformer owls

If we were to determine where the capital for WTFness really was, I think Japan would have many strong arguments.

Half of the stuff that happens there is… awkward. And mostly really cool.

Ok, sometimes inappropriate.

But we love inappropriate.

Like this tag line for a sale in a japanese store:

That’s a fuckin’ sale if I’ve ever seen one (I haven’t).

But it doesn’t stop there.

Innovative advertising techniques put aside, the japanese have at least one other thing that beats… anything anyone else has ever seen.

A transformer owl.

Forget iphones and cars, I want one of those for christmas next year.

Dancing with the stars (and convicted felons) in the Philippines

Goodbye “American Idol” and “Dancing with the stars”.

Hello “Prison dancer”. (???)


This new web series / show is to take place in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, also known by its initials CPDRC.

CPDRC is a maximum security prison in Cebu, Philippines.

But not just any maximum security prison in the Philippines.

According to wikipedia:

Byron F. Garcia — the official security advisor to the Cebu government who was assigned as head of the prison by his sister is credited for starting a program of choreographed exercise routines for the inmates. The prison is best known worldwide for its viral version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Afterwards, many other dance routines of popular songs followed.

The next logical step was to make a musical. Feels like christmas in january.

According to ABC news: “The show won’t showcase violent offenders, but might include some people convicted for drug violations”.

That’s a relief.

The question left unanswered is : does the best dancer win his freedom?

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