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A recipe for disaster

In the following album we revisit photos where you can just sense something bad is going to happen.

These masters of disaster love to go looking for trouble.

And trouble they will find.

I wonder what could go wrong here?

Uh Oh.

There are a million possiblities here. Few of them don’t include death by strangulation. None of them end well.

This looks safe.

Motorcycles, swords and patriots.


… Wait for it…


The wait is over: stripper droïds are finally here

The wait is over: stripper droïds are finally here

With her (or his?) CCTV camera-shaped head, this pole-dancing robot was introduced at the world’s largest IT fair this week: CeBit.

Looks like a Star Wars droïd.

Only sexier.

Just when we thought we had seen it all… Demon man meets Avatar meets vampire / lycan hybrid

Her name is Mary Jose Cristerna, she is from Mexico,  and she calls herself “The woman of your dreams”.

Demon-man and caged-eye vampire man are both little sissy schoolgirls with pokemon backbacks compared to Vampire Dragon Woman.

AT OIRB we estimate this woman’s life expectancy at under 2 weeks for the following reasons:

1/ At least one of the 234 pointy spikes she has in her body would pierce a vital organ in the event she trips or falls (see below)

2/ Anyone with a gun who would come across this person after dark would automotically shoot them no questions asked

By the way you’d think after going through so much trouble to look like a greek mythology creature she would have avoided the white grandmother braw.

Anyway… I guess the message here is: it’s pretty disgusting to have a built-in coat hanger on your back.

Oh, but it’s not used for hanging coats, you say?

What could it possibly be used for?

Uh, Oh.

The sad truth

This is harsh.

But so is life.

So is the internet.

And so are we.

Best. politician. ever.

It’s about time OIRB posted something about this guy.

For those of you who don’t know who he is:

Vermin Supreme is an American performance artist, anarchist and activist who is known for his being a satirical candidate in various local, state, and national elections in the US. Supreme is known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush. He claims that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. He also campaigned in 2011 on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research (if elected President — he has vowed to travel back in time to kill the infant Adolf Hitler). And he promises a pony for every American.

Oh, and he also claims jesus told him to spray powder on the guy sitting to him at the New Hampshire debate.

In other words, he is the ultimate troll, possibly the future president of the world and definitely my hero.

Epic quote:

“Friends, my name is Vermine Supreme. I am a friendly fascist. I am a tyrant that you can trust. And you SHOULD let ME, run your life.”


New year hangovers

Where did YOU wake up yesterday morning? 

This guy’s NY resolution should be to make it throguh 2012 alive.

Is that where you found that awesome sign?

Wait, what? In your nice tent, that’s fine. But in your niece’s tent? Kinda weird.

That’s pretty far from New Jersey, JMack.

No kidding.

You are a crafty one… single blue sock man.



Best of 2011

Best costume: the actual Jager bomb

Best idiot on yahoo answers:

Best captain america impersonator firework fail:

Best shower by pregnant woman (whaaaat?):

Best ad: 

Best photo of a frightened kid: 

Best “Community” moment: 

Best tweet: 

Best awkward moment: 

Best first name last name combination: Batman Bin Suparman

Best drunk russian beer dance: 

Happy New Year from Oh it runs backwards!

Let there be at least as much absurdity and foolishness in the world in 2012!

Eyebrows awesomeness

Let’s face it, eye brows kinda suck.

Either they are too bushy, either they aren’t bushy enough…. At times, they even form a single roof over both of your eyes bridging the gap between both sides of your face.

Not hot.

Ask french poker player Patrice Claybard:

Well, after seeing this next video, you may feel that eyebrows are the coolest thing ever (after unexpected snow days and first times tasting pop rocks)

Spontaneous stage fright during christmas play

“And now for my next trick, I will conjure vomit out of thin air!”

I feel so bad for posting this.

The chronicles of boredom (episode 3): happiest kid in town

Have you ever seen the face of pure authentic excitment?

This teenager was so happy his family planned a trip to disneyland he forgot to smile.

Actually, he forgot to display any facial expression at all.


(WARNING: the following photos may have you believe disneyland is the kingdom of boring things, whereas it really is the kingdom of fun, hapiness, mickey, minnie and eternal youth)


Let’s throw mickey mouse ears on him to see how he reacts.


Nothing doing.

Still that “I’d rather burn my face with lit cigarettes than be in this place” tragic look.

Somebody take this kid to Syria, show him what he’s missing out on over there.

One last one for the road?

You got it:

Uh, oh. It’s contagious. Little brother is doing it too now…

At least Mom is having fun.

This generation sucks.

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