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Will shoes one day take over the world?

The earliest shoes have been dated to around 7000 BC. Back then, they were made of leather or some other simple material. However, shoes have now become more than just a piece of cloth protecting your feet. Humanity has once more turned something comfortable and simple into crazy accessories and useless inventions. Have a look:

The shoe-umbrella.

The shoe-mop and shoe-broom-and-dust-pan.

The feet-shoe.

The crocs feet-shoe hybrid option. With five different types of pink.

That’s not all, some of the latest inventions include highly sophisticated electronics and gadgets.

The shoe-pikachu-gameboy.

The shoe-music-player.

The Adidas Smart transformer-shoe.

This last shoe should scare us. It actually changes its shape so that your feet are more comfortable during your activity. This raises the question… Will shoes one day be smart enough to overthrow humans and take over the world??

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