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Texts from Bennett

Bennett is a 17 year-old gangster wannabe living in some american suburb.

His 30 year old cousin exchanges texts with him and thought it was time to share Bennett’s wisdom with the rest of the world via a blog.

According to his cousin: “Bennett thinks he is a CRIP, works at AMOCO and is the most unintentionally funny and brilliant soul on the planet”

I’m not sure about that last part.

Here is a photo of Bennett:

Now Bennett has a lot of deep and enriching thoughts about various topics he enjoys sharing with his cousin by text.

For instance, Lasagna.

Yeah, Bennett. What is that? And sammon IS dope, word (…??)


Here is Bennett’s take on dog poisoning. More precisely, “rockwilder” poisoning.

Bennett is pretty dangerous. He’s been to jail before. For dog poisoning ? no.

For this:

A boss hog gangsta indeed.

Bennett, as Will Ferrell would put it rightafter he’s been shot in the neck and punctured with a rhino sleeping pill/dart: “I like you, but…..you’re crazy”

And this has nothing to do with Bennett, but just for old time’s sake:

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