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Crazy Euro 2012 football fans

Football fans tend to go wild, especially during international competitions. We rounded up the best / craziest fans out there. While the Euro cup is still up for grabs, the OIRB crazy fan championship goes to….


Nein. Nein nein nein nein nein. Too ugly.


Nope. Too broke and desperate.


Ma che nooo. Too Balotelli-like.


Non non, pas possible. Too boring and sleepy.

Why there was an Iraqi flag at theis France-England match up? You tell me.

Could it be host country Ukraine, then?

Won’t do. Too freaky. What could he possibly be up to here. He’s obvisouly stolen a grandma’s headscarf. But the dance?


Nuh-uh. Too English.

Our winner is HOLLAND. And here is a video to show you why:

How do you say “WTF” in Dutch ?

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