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The chronicles of boredom (episode 3): happiest kid in town

Have you ever seen the face of pure authentic excitment?

This teenager was so happy his family planned a trip to disneyland he forgot to smile.

Actually, he forgot to display any facial expression at all.


(WARNING: the following photos may have you believe disneyland is the kingdom of boring things, whereas it really is the kingdom of fun, hapiness, mickey, minnie and eternal youth)


Let’s throw mickey mouse ears on him to see how he reacts.


Nothing doing.

Still that “I’d rather burn my face with lit cigarettes than be in this place” tragic look.

Somebody take this kid to Syria, show him what he’s missing out on over there.

One last one for the road?

You got it:

Uh, oh. It’s contagious. Little brother is doing it too now…

At least Mom is having fun.

This generation sucks.

We’re going to Disneyland

How did you know I wanted this?

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