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We were joking around on the beach when all of a sudden…

You can only lose when your ad for children’s beach wear has a naked man coming out of the water in the background.

That’s what french on-line clothing store La Redoute is thinking right now, after taking 8 year old boys to a photo shoot on a nude beach.

These poor kids don’t know what’s coming.


Give me a “W” !

Give me a “T” !

Give me “F” !

What the fuck was that? It looked like an attempt to smash herself back first into the ground.

Ahhh… cheerleaders. They’re so cheer’fun.

Now for all you nostalgics:


Jetman or… Aquaman?

There is a thin line between becoming an international superhero and being internationally ridiculed on the internet.

This legendary jetpack equipped stunt man thought he would forever become the famous Jetman after his heroics.

Instead, he’ll infamously be known as ……

The jetpack fail dude.

Up, up up and….


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