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We love intense sports faces

Olympics are coming up in rainy London.

At OIRB, we are very constipated…. I mean excited.

Olympics are not only a chance to see emotional sports performances from talented athletes, but also a great occasion to take out your camera and… try to capture weird faces.

This woman looks up, thanking god for not being man during a pool dancing competition.

More pool dancing. We present to you, straight from every horror movie you”ve ever seen:

The Water demons

Speaking of Demons, Yelena Isinbaeva, the Russian pole vaulter, is a good example of one.

I don’t know if she is looking at “the precious”, but it sure looks like it.

Woman looks like a Dominique Strauss Khan who just saw a cleaning lady.


Actually, no, that would look more like this:


Anyway… let’s look at one more weird diver photo, can’t get enough of that.

We present to you, the gay bunny dive.

That was offensive, sorry.

OIRB out.

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