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We don’t know where you live. Frankly we don’t care.

We know where we live.

And where we live, it’s fucking raining. ALL THE TIME.

It’s July. JULY!!

Since summer is supposed to be fun, we combined rain and fun, to give you the best umbrellas ever.

First, the F*** You umbrella. An OIRB favorite. Specially when used by a 12 yrs old with funky boots.

Second, the “incognito” umbrella. That’s for when you don’t want to be seen with a weird umbrella.

These umbrellas are ok, but nothing sepcial. What if, while walking you get mugged? Here is a selection of self-defense umbrellas

The knuckle buster (close range combat):

The mid range “gun” umbrella, perfect for dark alleys:

Water Gun Umbrella

With this next umbrella, no one will mess with you (or rather, everyone wil mess with you if they see you in a dark alley..)

Light Saber Umbrella

And finally, what is better than a real ninja? (nothing) But almost as good is you pretending to be one.. looking badass while being ready for the rain:

It looks like a Samurai Sword, but in reality is an umbrella!

You are now ready to go head to head with the summer rain, even in a dark alley.

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