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Jobs in heaven

Well, there aren’t any jobs down here on earth. So here are the best cartoons of Jobs in heaven!

(hahahahah get it??? ahhhhh So clever!) By the way, Steve Jobs is dead, if you have not heard.

We are so sad, here at ohitrunsbackwards, that we will run forward for a second, and not write anymore stupid comments about these cartoons (and god knows we have many!)




Steve Job’s first day as ex-CEO of Apple


We’re not quite sure who this “Tim” guy is…?



However, for this totally absurd conversation (and many more, Jay Z, Bono, Speilberg…)

Matthew McConaughey “Allright, one in a row if you keep it up, you might get sexiest man alive next year Bill”

Bill GatesWell, do you think i’m ready to take my shirt off?”

Matthew “handsome men’s club” McHotty “Hmmm, not yet.”


You can watch Bill Gates’ Last Day at Microsoft.




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