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Absurd world records

1/ Jumping rope

The Japanese are at it again.

And remember folks:

“Anything you can do, a Japanese person can do better”

2/ Clapping your hands

wow, cool talent. But will he use it for good or for evil?

721 claps in one minute.

Let’s do the amth here: that’s 12 claps a second.

Try doing 5…

3/ Stacking cups

4/ Watching ALL the Simpsons episodes at once

This just in:  a few hardcore fans are attempting to break ally break the current Guinness World Record for the longest continuous television viewing (86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds) by watching all of the episodes from every season of The Simpsons.

According to the Simpsons facebook page, they are doing this to commemorate the Simpsons 500th episode due to air February 19th. This will be quite the marathon.

In order to beat the record that means you have to sit through at least 259 twenty minute episodes.

And to go for the win you have to be the last one standing:

“The contest winner will take home a $10,500 prize and an array of THE SIMPSONS merchandise, including products exclusively designed to commemorate the 500th episode. ”

That’s 4 days well spent…

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