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Amazing Amazon purchases

Anything is available on Amazon, and by anything, we really mean anything.

Here is a list of some of the most absurd Amazon purchases of recent years.

And to kick you off, what more than a scare-crow motion activated sprinkler that’ll make those kids wish they had never even thought of walking on your lawn.

The perfect gift for evil old people.

The fear in that little girl’s eyes… Anyway, that’s not all.

If you’re looking for cool stylish clothing, Amazon’s got that too. Make sure you read the product description on this one.


But what good is cool clothing if you can’t defend yourself properly from unexpected attacks as you parade on the street with your awesome style?

That’s why you need: a british commando fighting knife in a new box. With Sheath.

How disturbing is it that people who bought this also bought complete seasons of Dexter?

Very disturbing.

But not as disturbing as people who bought these items:

What can you do with 55 gallons of lubricant, a horse head mask, a fresh whole rabbit and a testicle self-exam form?

You tell me.

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