WTF photo album

This page compiles the funniest and most improbable photos ever seen.
From dog walking dogs, to asians eating noodles in flooded streets, we’ve got it all.
  • Chinese warning: watch out for your bag, when you are…. getting off with your lover?
Was that necessary? Couldn’t it just be pay attention to your bag, while you are sitting on the bench reading books?
This dog is walking his dog, literally

  • Trust issues…
Monkey: “Something smells fishy about this baby”
Baby: “This monkey must be on to me”
  • And here is why the chipmunk was worried.
  • What is weirder: the goat or the zombie crowd?
  • The famous darth vador pouring some water from a brita water jug while in the ocean
  • Meet uncomfortable lizard kid
  • And the worst father ever award goes to:
  • “What’s wrong officer? Was I speeding?”
  • Al Pacino and Christopher Walken just walkin’ around… showing off their baggy sutis and mummy impressions. Sounds like a good way to spend your sunday afternoon.
  • Russian army men playing football with guitars
Wait, what?
  • Guy taking a dump in his chimney
You want to give your neighbor a hard time? Here is some inspiration.
  • Epic african gang wedding
So many things wrong here.
  • Father, son and … sheep?
  • Whatcha doin?
Ah, not much, swimming naked in a dirty river, pulling a donkey in the water… same old
  • Greatest picture ever, according to google
And it took a fat asian man eating noodles in a flooded parking lot to win the prize.
  • Saturday December 3rd 2011: Carps at fast food drive-ins
  • Saturday December 3rd 2011: yearbook quotes
MLK was a taco lover among other things.
  • Thursday November 17th 2011: Baby gets caught with his hands in the jar (or diaper in the fridge)
“What the heck was that?”
  • Tuesday November 15th 2011: Pain, fear, and cats taking off
Every great adventure should start with “let’s take the cat tubing”

  • Monday November 14th 2011
How could we not start this WTF photo album with this Pirates of the carribean / Leeloo / Samurai / Cowboy version of James Bond?
It raises the question: what are the events in someone’s life that lead to designing this gangsta outfit?

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